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NOBS: 10 Questions for Colin Shawcross

NOBS: 10 Questions for Colin Shawcross



October 2023 Featured Artist: Colin Shawcross 

Colin created the illustration featured on our Nightmare on Broad Street 2023 Halloween shirt.
You can see more of Colin's art on his personal IG @nonheinous 
Colin and Family at Citizen's Bank Park
  1. State your name and occupation: Colin James Shawcross / illustrator
  2. What the F does Non-F’N Heinous mean? Non heinous is a term from one of my favorite movies, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey! Threw the F’N because I’m from Philadelphia , so why the F not?! Haha
  3. What’s your set up? aka Your Tools of the Trade: I run my entire drawing set up off a wacom cintiq 13hd via photoshop! Hasn’t let me down yet!
  4. What were the things growing up that influenced your art style? Late 80s early 90s cartoon and toy culture. Skateboard art. Record covers!
  5. Greatest Philly sports memory? Being able to share the Super Bowl 52 win with my dad! Definitely not being bottomless in a master shake costume in 2008 when the Phillies won…and running into my dad haha
  6. Favorite music to draw to? Currently I’d have to say NAILS. But NOFX is a go to because the catalog is so vast.
  7. Favorite Philly food group? Meat. Cheese. Bread. Beer. Kielbasa.
  8. If you were a pierogi- what kind of pierogi would you be? A bacon wrapped jalapeño popper (please don’t steal my idea czrews!)
  9. What position would you play if we were running the Brotherly Shove? Right guard, or left guard. Anywhere honestly. Throw me in so I can poke some eyes or bite an ankle, even sneak a beer at the bottom of the pile. Either way 6 points are coming and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.
  10. What are some of your favorite projects you had this year (besides this one) I would have to say the Imprint Food Truck, The current Green Rock Pierogi Week art, a Beer Zombies label we won an award for, and the Sweet Lucy’s BBQ menu boards!




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