MacKenzie Golfing Bags

Underdog x MacKenzie Waxed Leather Golf Bag

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Designed & developed in partnership with MacKenzie - introducing the Underdog x MacKenzie Waxed Leather Golf Bag.

Based out of Beaverton, Oregon - MacKenzie sources their waxed canvas from one of the oldest fabric finishers in the United States (dating back to the 1800s). Naturally, these companies set the industry standard for domestic quality, making fabrics that will be put to use in conditions much harsher than most golf bags will ever experience.

Each of these bags is "made to order" with each MacKenzie golf bag beginning in a select few tanners, with each hide carefully selected & meticulously skived, folded, hammered & matched by their stitchers. All of the steps to build a MacKenzie bag are done by hand - each step contributing to the deep rooted heritage of the MacKenzie Walker bag.

This is a bag we expect you to carry for many, many rounds - and like a good jacket or piece of luggage, this will only get better with wear over time.

  • Green waxed canvas
  • Buckskin leather trim
  • White accents
  • Horween football leather detailing
  • Premium-grade cotton canvas coated with Martexin Original Wax
  • Built for wet weather playability
  • 8" opening
  • One pocket