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Underdog x Seamus Golf Hand Forged Ball Marker

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Designed & developed in partnership with Seamus Golf - introducing the Underdog x Seamus Golf Hand Forged Ball Marker.

Makers of fine wool headcovers, markers & tools for the purist golfer - Seamus Golf is a family-owned business based in Beaverton, Oregon. All of Seamus Golf products are crafted by hand, with design elements that stay true to the authentic spirit of the game of golf.

Our Underdog x Seamus Hand Forged® Ball Marker is made out of high quality mild steel in the USA. Every ball marker is hand hammered by a second generation blacksmith, who learned his trade in his father's shop.

Each coin is heated & shaped on an anvil using only the most ancient tools of the craft: hammers, chisels, punches & the hand of the blacksmith. Every ball mark is then sanded, buffed & tumbled on an individual basis - and the results are a completely different & unique marker for each golfer.


  • Ball marker measures 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Featuring the iconic "Hungry Dog" logo
  • Proudly made in the USA