No One's Hungry Like an Underdog

We believe Philadelphia
is the best city in the world.

Underdog Apparel celebrates Philadelphia’s relentless Underdog spirit by designing and selling custom, homegrown apparel that directly funds programs that improve the lives of our city’s youth.

We owe it to ourselves to make this city all that it can be, but the only way we’re going to reach our full potential is by working together. We all have the capacity to make a difference, and each of us deserves the opportunity to pursue our dreams, and to reach our potential.

Let’s do this, Philadelphia. Let’s show the world what Underdogs are made of.

Our Story

Dear Philly,

At each critical moment of my life, there was someone who believed in me.

Whether my family, my friends, or my fellow Philadelphians, I have felt the overwhelming love and support that has helped reach my dreams and potential on and off the field. Now it’s my turn.

Philadelphia is an incredible city, but we know it can be even better. We owe to ourselves to give the next generation the resources and opportunities they deserve. I firmly believe that every child has the potential to thrive, and the most important thing we can all do is simply to believe in them. But we won’t stop there.

This fall, Underdog Apparel will soft launch a limited collection of apparel items that I hope will inspire you, motivate you, or at least make you smile. Items that I hope you wear with pride. Items that I hope, will make a difference. Every one of our products will be designed and produced in Philly, and all 100% of all proceeds will go through the (Be)Philly Foundation to fund evidence based programs that directly improve the lives of our city’s youth.

I’ve assembled a wonderful team of Philadelphians to bring this vision, brand, and foundation to life. I am forever grateful to my teammates who have lent their faces to this cause. And thankful to anv person who strives to leave this city better than they’ve found it.

Underdog is a mentality. Underdog embodies the true Philadelphia spirit. Beat up but never beaten, disadvantaged but never defeated. Counted out, written off, but always believing we have the chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

You can’t be an underdog if you believe the haters, and more importantly you can’t be an underdog without valuing yourself. This city owns this spirit. This city thrives on its haters. This city knows it’s worth. Which is why we are all Underdogs.

Underdog is committed to building a tribe of people who want to see a better future for the next generation. I want the city of Philadelphia to know that I believe in it, and our young people to know that we believe in them. Together, I know we can make a difference and this is only just the beginning.

It’s time to show the world what Underdogs are really made of. It’s time to run faster.

A Hungry Dog,
Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce wearing the Underdog Tee and using the Underdog Tote slung over his right shoulder

Jason Kelce

Founder of (Be)Philly Foundation

Our Impact

All the proceeds of Underdog Philadelphia are managed by The (Be)Philly Foundation, and used to directly fund evidence-based programs that improve the lives our the next generation of Philadelphians. Check out our partners.